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06 January 2010 @ 09:20 pm
01) "Remember me" by Sophie Kinsella (eng)
finished January 5th

So I figured I'd do this book thing a bit differently this year. And actually try to write a bit about each book i read. Im still not going to grade these types of books tho.
But anyhow, I actually read one Sophie Kinsella novel maybe like 2 years ago, (Can You keep a secret) and well i thought it was quite funny. So I felt like reading something really light and funny to start off the year and honestly i really felt like reading a chick lit it's just that normally i don't really like these kind of books I get bored easily. But I remembered reading her other book and figured this one might be close to that. Also my friend actually got this book some time ago and she told me about it. So I decided to give it a try.

It was quite a nice book, I mean it had the qualities of what i wanted what was it to be light read and it's what it provided. I don't have much to tell about this book in particular just it was nice and a bit funny and enjoyable.
I just figured if i really plan to do the book thing a bit differently this year I should really start with the first book.
Yeah inspiring aren't I :D
I'll try to do better next time and actually have a real opinion and emotion about the book I read.
31 December 2009 @ 03:06 pm
January (3)
01) "Dead Man Rising" - Lilith Saintcrow (eng) [8.3/10]
02) "Wicked Lovely" - Melissa Marr (eng) [6.8/10]
03) "Devils Right Hand" - Lilith Saintcrow (eng) [8.8/10]

May (1)
04) "Ink Exchange" - Melissa Marr (eng) [7.5/10]

June (1)
05) "Breaking Dawn" - Stephenie Meyer (eng) [3/10]

July (5)
06) "Girl at Sea" - Maureen Johnson (eng) [6.8/10]
07) "Being Nikki [Airhead Series 02]" - Meg Gabot (eng/audio) [7/10]
08) "Willow"- Julia Hoban (eng/audio) [8.9/10]
09) "Getting Rid of Bradely" - Jennifer Crusie (eng)
10) "Straight from the Hip" - Susan Mallery (eng)

August (5)
11) "Maximum Ride: Max" - James Patterson (eng) [7/10]
12) "Specials" - Scott Westerfeld (eng) [9.2/10]
13) "Real World" - Natsuo Kirino (eng) [6.8/10]
14) "Loving Sabotage" - Amélie Nothomb (est) [9.6/10]
15) "Evermore [Immortal series]" - Alyson Noel (eng) [6/10]

October (2)
16) "Shiver" - Maggie Stiefvater (eng) [8.6/10]
17) "Hush, Hush" - Becca Fitzpatrick (eng) [9.4/10]

November (3)
18) "Wings" - Aprilynne Pike (eng) [6.5/10]
19) "Blue Moon [Immortal series]" - Alyson Noel (eng/audio) [6.3/10]
20) "Love @ First Site" - Jane Moore (eng/audio)

20 books... not bad even if some of them were audiobooks)
even tough they didn't get the highest marks i think maybe my favorite from this year were still "Shiver" & "Willow" but yes "Loving Sabotage" was also great fun. Other then that I didn't read anything that remarkable this year. But Im not complaining.

Language read in: (eng) english (est) estonian

The way i rate books in well my way of rating things, i also consider the genre a lot when rating them and I'm not that harsh i think. It's just how much i enjoyed the book or how it left me feeling that is base for the rating. I don't compare a book that is a ya novel with a serious play or smth of that sort. They are completely different to begin with so they get graded based on how good they were according to me in their category.

2008 Book count 22 with still some books started that year that need to be finished now.

notes for self - sequels to wait for: shiver / hush, hush / fang / airhead
07 December 2008 @ 02:21 pm
It seems I have picked up couple of more book series again, so i thought i'd make another post. It also seems that i like youth book series a lot :D or it's just the ones i've stumbled on on first hand. Anyhow I'm adding 3 more to the list for now.
The books of the series i've already read are bold.

[Maximum Ride by James Patterson]
I stumbled upon this series by accident, because of some quotes i saw around and so on. It was also for the reason that the plot was familiar. (because the same characters are featured on J.P's crime books, i haven't read those but i remember the summary) So I read the first one... then the second and just continued. It's quite nice, i like the character interaction and Max is big mouthed. However it has environmental theme - I assume he is trying to get young people interested in that but after subtle hints and explanations it just suddenly became quite forced on. So it kinda kills some of the book value, generally tough i still like them.
Borrowed book 1-3, own 4 & 5
1) The Angel Experiment [7.2/10]
2) School's Out Forever [8.3/10]
3) Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports [8.9/10]
4) Final Warning [5.8/10]
5) Max [7/10] (read:22.08.09)
6) Fang (released March 2010)
7) Angel (feb 2011)

[Dante Valentine by Lilith Saintcrow]
I think this series was also on my amazon recommendation page so at some point i finally decided to order it and now i read the first book. And i liked it. It's fairly interesting a nice past of time. It's not as good as Rachel Morgan series I think but the book itself got better as the pages passed. I liked it so I've decided to read more.
Own all 5 books
1) Working for the Devil [7.5/10]
2) Dead man Rising [8.3/10]
3) The Devil's Right Hand [8.8/10] (read in January)
4) Saint City Sinner
5) To Hell and Back

[Doctor Who: New Series season 1 Books]
When i made my first list i decided not to include this as series but now i've kinda changed my mind. So I'm just adding it as a list doesn't really matter if it a series or not. I like doctor who new series especially the first season and when i saw the books in the store i had to get them. Because of the books are written by different authors they vary from really good to could have been better. But it's always good to get new adventures of the Doctor, Rose and Jack.
Put the list together in a rough reading order.
Own books 1-5
1) The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards
2) The Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons
3) The Winner Takes All by Jacqueline Rayner
4) Only Human by Gareth Roberts

5) The Monster Inside by Stephen Cole
6) The Deviant Strain by Justin Richards
05 March 2008 @ 11:28 am
Suddenly I felt the need to write down all the series Im reading so i decided to do a little post on that. Few years ago i didn't read anything but I'm surprised it turned out to be quite a lot. I've tried other series as well like managed to read the first 10 pages or half a book of the first one but thats as far as I've gotten. These I've stuck with.
The ones that are bolded from the full series list I've already read.

[The Hollows: Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison ]
I sort of figure it as a average fantasy series tough recently i've gotten really into it. It's mystical but it's rather ordinary at the same time. For me it's sort of fun and interesting and I just like it. I also like that there's no black & white perspective on the actions of the people here, everyone and everything has it's shade of grey.
(Own books 1-9)
1) Dead witch walking
2) The Good the Bad and the Undead [9.0/10]
3) Every Witch way but Dead [8.0/10]
4) A Fistful of Charms [8.7/10]
5) For a Few Demons More [9.8/10]
6) Where Demons Dare (read 26.10.2010) [7.8/10]
7) White Witch Black Curse
8) Black Magic Sanction
9) Pale Demon (read sept. 2011)
10) Perfect Blood (February 2012)

[ Uglies Series by Scott Westerfield ]
Started reading the first out of curiosity because it sort of kept popping up on m amazon recommendation page. It's sort of a strange half creepy perspective of the future world. I find myself intrigued but it and sort of repulsed/freaked out of it. And interested to know how it all goes down.
It's a good series, considering that it has so many life prototypes in it, things that teenagers face or may face in their lives but none of it stands in the way of the story itself.
(borrowed 1&2 own 3rd)
1) Uglies [8.5/10]
2) Pretties [7.0/10]
3) Specials (read: 23.08.09) [9.2/10]
4) Extras
more series under the cutCollapse )
12 February 2008 @ 05:50 pm
January (4)
01) "My America" - Epp Petrone (est) [7.6/10]
02) "Coraline" - Neil Gaiman (audiobook / eng) [8.5/10]
03) "Can You Keep a Secret?" - Sophie Kinsella (est) [7.0/10]
04) "Regarding the pain of others" - Susan Sontag (est) [6.5/10]

February (4)
05) "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" - Kim Harrison (eng) [9.0/10]
06) "The Gun Seller" - Hugh Laurie (eng) [4.8/10]
07) "Kite Runner" - Khaled Hosseini (eng) [9.7/10]
08) "Uglies" - Scott Westerfeld (eng) [8.5/10]

March (5)
09) "Every Which Way But Dead" - Kim Harrison (eng) [8.0/10]
10) "A Fistful of Charms" - Kim Harrison (eng) [8.7/10]
11) "Pretties" - Scott Westerfeld (eng) [7.0/10]
12) "Tithe" - Holly Black (eng) [9.0/10]
13) "Lucinda's Secret" - Holly Black (est) [5.0/10]

April (1)
14) "Ironside" - Holly Black (eng) [8.6/10]

June (1)
15) "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" - Louis Sachar (est) [6.8/10]

July (3)
16) "Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment" - James Patterson (eng) [7.2/10]
17) "Maximum Ride: Schools Out Forever" - James Patterson (eng) [8.3/10]
18) "Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports" - James Patterson (eng) [8.9/10]

September (2)
19) "For a Few Demons more" - Kim Harrison (eng) [9.8/10]
20) "Maximum Ride: The Final Warning"- James Patterson (eng) [5.8/10]

December (3)
21) "Working for the Devil" - Lilith Saintcrow (eng) [7.5/10]
22) "Doctor Who: Only Human" - Gareth Roberts (eng) [5.0/10]
23) "Clockwork Heart" - Dru Pagliassotti (eng) [7.0/10]

Language read in: (eng) english (est) estonian