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my silent escape

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This site was originally created for my random reviews/thoughts on books i've read and other book related things. Although i do not use this as much as i used to previouslly this site still remains.
You can mostly find me on goodreads now, but my full year reading list and other things will remain here.

I don't usually have really specific authors who's books I read, I more try to read a bit of everything really, and I mostly go out for the storylines. However I do like Kurt Vonnegut a lot and Ive also read a lot of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Oh and definetly also Tennessee Williams I love his plays. Other then that I'll get back to you on that favorite author thing once i notice that I read somebody else a lot too.

But anyhow my favorite books so far : Vonnegut - "Cats cradle", Wilde - "Picture of Dorian Gray", Sebold - "Lovely Bones", Dali - "The diary of a genius", Williams - "Glass Menagerie", Keyes - "Flowers for Algernon", Salinger - "A Perfect Day for Bananafish", J.M Barrie - "Peter Pan", M.Faber - "Under the skin" , Schmitt - "Oscar and the Lady in Pink", Richard Braudigan - "Watermelon sugar".

If you feel like you would like to suggsest books for me then go ahead, just pop a comment anywhere you like. Im always open for suggsestions.

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