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07 December 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Book Series #2  
It seems I have picked up couple of more book series again, so i thought i'd make another post. It also seems that i like youth book series a lot :D or it's just the ones i've stumbled on on first hand. Anyhow I'm adding 3 more to the list for now.
The books of the series i've already read are bold.

[Maximum Ride by James Patterson]
I stumbled upon this series by accident, because of some quotes i saw around and so on. It was also for the reason that the plot was familiar. (because the same characters are featured on J.P's crime books, i haven't read those but i remember the summary) So I read the first one... then the second and just continued. It's quite nice, i like the character interaction and Max is big mouthed. However it has environmental theme - I assume he is trying to get young people interested in that but after subtle hints and explanations it just suddenly became quite forced on. So it kinda kills some of the book value, generally tough i still like them.
Borrowed book 1-3, own 4 & 5
1) The Angel Experiment [7.2/10]
2) School's Out Forever [8.3/10]
3) Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports [8.9/10]
4) Final Warning [5.8/10]
5) Max [7/10] (read:22.08.09)
6) Fang (released March 2010)
7) Angel (feb 2011)

[Dante Valentine by Lilith Saintcrow]
I think this series was also on my amazon recommendation page so at some point i finally decided to order it and now i read the first book. And i liked it. It's fairly interesting a nice past of time. It's not as good as Rachel Morgan series I think but the book itself got better as the pages passed. I liked it so I've decided to read more.
Own all 5 books
1) Working for the Devil [7.5/10]
2) Dead man Rising [8.3/10]
3) The Devil's Right Hand [8.8/10] (read in January)
4) Saint City Sinner
5) To Hell and Back

[Doctor Who: New Series season 1 Books]
When i made my first list i decided not to include this as series but now i've kinda changed my mind. So I'm just adding it as a list doesn't really matter if it a series or not. I like doctor who new series especially the first season and when i saw the books in the store i had to get them. Because of the books are written by different authors they vary from really good to could have been better. But it's always good to get new adventures of the Doctor, Rose and Jack.
Put the list together in a rough reading order.
Own books 1-5
1) The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards
2) The Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons
3) The Winner Takes All by Jacqueline Rayner
4) Only Human by Gareth Roberts

5) The Monster Inside by Stephen Cole
6) The Deviant Strain by Justin Richards